The generative and catalytic powers of creative, expressive arts in action research


  • Susan Goff


Being conscious of how we know what we know, and equally conscious that when we come to such an insight that our ways of knowing are not necessarily the same as everyone else’s, are increasingly essential aspects of methodological literacy. This competency is particularly so in Action Research arenas (Wicks, Reason and Bradbury, 2008) that can explore the natures of knowledge as well as the information that comprises the knowledge being produced in action. Such multi-dimensional inquiry is a characteristic of trans-disciplinary as well as cross-cultural inquiry in the Action Research field (Wright, 2011). This paper proposes that creative, expressive arts are affective (generative and catalytic) approaches in enabling this developing literacy to underpin knowledge construction practices in Action Research arenas. I also discuss the relevance of this form of praxis to the quality of future life on earth as framed by Tim Morton’s work on “hyperobjects”(2013).