Decolonizing activism/deactivating colonialism


  • Clare Land Deakin University




Non-Indigenous activism in support of Indigenous struggles in south east Australia aims to redress colonialism. However, at times this activism is marked by colonialist attitudes and behaviours. This paper is my attempt to analyse and communicate the key issues raised at a forum in August 2010 which aimed to gather knowledge around the practice of solidarity with Indigenous struggles in south east Australia. The forum was generously hosted by the community-controlled organisation Melbourne Aboriginal Youth Sport and Recreation (MAYSAR), in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Author Biography

Clare Land, Deakin University

Clare Land, Deakin University


Clare Land is a non-Indigenous PhD student at Deakin University and member of the committee of management of ANTaR Victoria – Working for Land Justice and Reconciliation. Both her current studies and her involvement at ANTaR, where she was a community development worker from 2004-2006, are devoted to generating in Australia political conditions conducive to moral and legal recognition of Indigenous peoples as first nations peoples, and to proper restitution.

Clare volunteers as a community radio broadcaster on 3CR in Melbourne with Krauatungulung man Robbie Thorpe. Together they present the show Fire First, which they co-created in 2003 as an Indigenous – non-Indigenous collaboration, discussing colonialism in Australia from invasion to the present