Systemic pedagogy: A design for Action Researcher collective self-development


  • Susan Goff CultureShift Pty Ltd
  • Ross Colliver CultureShift Pty Ltd
  • Riripeti Reedy
  • Vicki Vaartjes


Systemic Pedagogy, Action Research, Conferencing, Self Determination, Methodology


How do Action Researchers, who often work alone, develop their practice? The Conference Intensive (CI) was designed to enable participants to inquire into their own practice, and observe and learn with a team of Action Researchers negotiating practice preferences within a real-world scenario. Developed by CultureShift delivered in partnership with the Action Learning Action Research Association, the Conference Intensive creates conditions for Action Researcher self-development that are secure and ambiguous, enabling practitioners to grow in their awareness and capacity to act and provoke change in the systems in which they work. This paper maps the conceptual terrain of the Intensive, and describes six practices of a praxis of Systemic Pedagogy which we see as intrinsic to Action Research praxis. 

Author Biography

Susan Goff, CultureShift Pty Ltd

Dr Susan Goff is a specialist in cross-cultural participatory research. She has a Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology (UWS, 1993), a Masters in Applied Science, Social Ecology (UWS 1996) and a PhD in Cultural Research (UWS 2007). These qualifications are in participatory knowledge generation that addresses culturally informed social change. Susan is Principal of CultureShift Pty Ltd, an Australian action research consultancy, which has delivered over 60 cross-disciplinary participatory research, evaluation and learning projects to all tiers of government since 1991. Susan was President of ALARA between 2006 and 2010, and is currently the Association’s Managing Editor for the ALAR Journal. Susan is also President of the Spirituality, Leadership and Management network