A cybernetic approach to understanding the management of social enterprise in Korea


  • Jae Eon Yu Keimyung University, South Korea


social entrepreneurship, cybernetic approach, action research, social enterprise


Understanding the social entrepreneurship and active responsibility of social enterprise in society, a cybernetic approach to management is used to explore problematic situations of the organisation and to explore the set of ‘what’s for improving and appreciating the management of the social enterprise from systemic perspectives. In order to do so, the processes of participatory action research is made to extend to a higher level of learning processes that explores new sorts of “questions and problems” in a given situation. In this sense, we explore the nature of the process of action-based learning by examining one’s own actions and learning about the complexity of social practice from systemic perspectives. The finding reveals a cybernetic approach can be used to examine the problem of social enterprise from the three level of organisational fitness, namely normative, strategic and operational management

Author Biography

Jae Eon Yu, Keimyung University, South Korea

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration