A School’s Own Adaptation of Action Learning: From a Traditional Action Learning Project, to a Whole School Action Learning Project, to a Professional Learning Culture.


  • Bronwyn Ruth Mehorter Wollongong University


Action Learning, Experimental Learning, Professional Learning, Professional Development, Primary Education


Action Learning finds its basis in experimental learning theory. For the staff at Western Public school Action Learning and experimental learning underpin their success of the use of Action Learning within their school. This article reports on their, with the partnership of Brian Cambourne, implementation of a Traditional Action Learning Project within a small group of teachers throughout the school; to the development a Whole School Action Learning Program, delivered to the whole staff; as well as their journey onwards to the development of a Professional Learning Culture within the school. This report finishes with a discussion of the implications for other schools wishing to enact similar Action Learning processes. 

Author Biography

Bronwyn Ruth Mehorter, Wollongong University

Bronwyn Mehorter is a PhD Candidate at the University of Wollongong. Her areas of interest are: professional development, primary education and quality teaching practices. Her PhD focus' on professional development within the primary education context.