Does Digital Marketing Influence Purchase Intention? An Action Researcher Reflexive Narrative


  • Preetee Shalinee Gopee Business Development and Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Hamed M. Shamma BP Endowed Chair Associate Professor of Marketing Department of Management School of Business The American University in Cairo


Digital marketing, Purchaser intention, Action research, Insider action research, Reflexivity


Digitalisation is shaking traditional seller-buyer relations to the core, empowering buyers to play a larger role as arbitrators of what influences their purchase intention. There exist substantial differences between how sellers influence purchase intention, and how buyers shape their own intention to purchase. To address the divergences, this study adopts an insider action research (IAR) approach, intervening with marketers to explore the influence of digital marketing on purchase intention. It supports a qualitative research mandate that encourages the creation of purposeful theories grounded in practice. It surmises that embracing digital marketing to satisfy an increasing need for data could breed false complacency when buyer behavioural patterns are in flux. The study essentially supposes that thinking through issues as they emerge in the organisation’s internal and external environments, and the buyers and events within these settings, could foster a reflexive practice that critically inquires ‘How does digital marketing influence purchase intention?’



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