Introduction: Learning, Practicing, Connecting, and Passing Along


  • Akihiro Ogawa University of Melbourne


This paper presents my action research (AR) journey – what led me to this paradigm, the key figures I have encountered, and my subsequent work over the past twenty years both in Japan and Australia. While developing my research program on civil society in contemporary democracies, I have committed to AR since my graduate days in the early 2000s. Based on my AR training under Davydd Greenwood at Cornell University, I have been conducting an AR project for almost two decades now in Tokyo, which started originally as a doctoral project. Since 2016, I have been coordinating a PhD seminar on AR at the University of Melbourne. I see this as me passing on my AR knowledge and experiences to the next generation of AR-minded scholars as well as connecting them to veteran AR scholars in Australia. Thus, I can clearly see a new research culture emerging from the new generation.



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