Conclusion: Walking beside to find the off ramps


  • Asha Ross
  • Akina Mikami
  • Abbie Trott
  • Ai Ming Chow
  • Ed Hyatt


As the contributing authors of this Special Issue: PhD Journey in Action Research, we conclude this issue by offering a collaborative discussion on doing Action Research (AR) in the context of doctoral research. Tracing our collaborative reflection and writing process, we discuss a range of questions that we felt might be helpful for new students to embark upon their AR journeys. These include: how AR is different from more conventional research; how research ethics can be handled; how AR projects can fit into a PhD timeline; and how the philosophical principles of AR are understood and expressed in doctoral dissertations. Situating our collaborative discussion within the dynamic and expanding field of AR, we suggest that our AR PhD projects and our collective reflections directly partake in the making of a new AR stream.



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Ross, A., Mikami, A., Trott, A., Chow, A. M., & Hyatt, E. (2022). Conclusion: Walking beside to find the off ramps . Action Learning and Action Research Journal, 28(1), 153–181. Retrieved from