Action Learning Intervention as a Change Management Strategy in the Disability Services Sector – A Case Study


  • David Rosenbaum
  • Elizabeth More
  • Peter Steane


Action Learning, Organisational Change, Not-for-Profits, Disability Services Sector


The not-for-profit disability services sector faces many challenges. The shift in funding arrangements from a supply-model, to a demand-model, has triggered the reassessment of organisational activity. This paper analyses these challenges, and seeks to study the application of Action Learning as a management tool for dealing with transformational change in this sector. The Action Learning approach implemented in this case study focused on the unique organisational characteristics with regard culture, structure, and the organisational response to the depth of the challenge. In so doing, the organisation recognised the requirements to respond decisively as a result of the shifting funding paradigm. Evidence was obtained regarding successful intervention outcomes, organisationally and personnel-wise. The former being a wide array of organisational and business initiatives, and the latter through the qualitative assessment of participant feedback. This paper provides insight into the development of an Action Learning intervention that can be applied to organisations in this sector, to facilitate such change challenges.