Participation as a Method of Sharing Koorie Narratives


  • Ian Hamilton


Particiaptory action research, Koorie Knowledge, yarning



This paper describes research currently being conducted in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

As a public library service project I recorded a range of stories acknowledging that valuable information was available in the local Koorie community that may easily be lost forever. The resulting project was “Woor-dungin Nambur: Sharing Talk”.

In the research I plan to extend the library project in partnership with the Gunnai/Kurnai community to:

  • Facilitate the recording of available narratives referring to current issues, recent history and dreamtime stories.
  • Provide information emanating from the analysis of Gunnai/Kurnai stories,
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to assist with the research plan.

By using Participatory Action Research methodology I aim to increase the knowledge base regarding Australian Indigenous epistemology as well as achieve some kind of social benefits for all people involved in the research. Cultural aspects of the research community are recognised.

With this paper I explore the scope of the research before focusing on reasons for methodology selection and also examine ethical issues.