Where do we go from here?


  • Jackie DeLong
  • Jack Whitehead
  • Marie Huxtable


action learning, action research, multi-media narratives


The workshop brought together researchers who are engaged in action learning/action research inquiries of the kind, ‘How do I improve what I am doing and live, as fully as possible, my values that carry hope for the flourishing of humanity?’ Participants comprised researchers physically present in the room, those present through SKYPE and those who have a virtual presence in the form of their living-posters at http://www.actionresearch.net/writings/posters/homepage020617.pdf

This workshop focused on living-theory accounts created by educational practitioner researchers, including those engaging as AL/AR practitioners, which are contributing to a legacy for transforming social change. The living-theories used in the workshop included those accredited for doctoral degrees in different universities around the world.

The workshop demonstrated the communicative power of multi-media narratives with digital visual data to clarify and communicate the meanings of embodied expressions of values that carry hope for the flourishing of humanity. Ideas, critically and creatively engaged with included current social theories such as de Sousa Santos’ (2014) ideas on ‘epistemicide’. These ideas were used to show how Western academic reasoning and epistemology can be understood and transcended in the generation of the living-educational-theories of individuals, grounded in their experiences and contexts.