Using Action Research to develop a market orientation in an Australian government business enterprise


  • Diane Robyn Kalendra Australian Institute of Business (AIB)


market orientation, organisational culture, action research


This article describes an action research study I conducted in an Australian government business enterprise (GBE), with the twin aims of changing the organisational culture towards a market orientation and using this research for a doctoral thesis. GBEs are government-owned or government-controlled entities that produce goods and services on a commercial basis. Corporatisation of GBEs has been embraced by governments wanting to transform mostly state-owned monopolies into more commercial organisations while retaining them in public ownership. However, this move has not always improved their performance. At the time of this study, I was the marketing manager at a regional operating division of a national GBE. By the end of the study — which involved three action research cycles, over four years and 42 participants — I had successfully developed a diagnostic tool for implementing a market orientation and also completed my PhD. This tool will greatly increase the possibility of positively impacting an organisation’s business performance.

Author Biography

Diane Robyn Kalendra, Australian Institute of Business (AIB)

Dr Diane Kalendra (PhD,  BMS - Waikato,) is Research Facilitator for Work Applied Learning (WAL) at the Australian Institute of Business (AIB). With over 25 years professional experience in large national and international organisations, including a government business enterprise, as well as SMEs and not-for-profits, Diane’s continuing research interests include strategy, organisational culture, leadership development, and action research.